Bren Esports is out of the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup 2019

MANILA – Previous champion Bren Esports fell in the lower bracket playoffs of the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup at Araneta Coliseum Saturday.

Overclockers kicked out Bren with a surprising 2-0 leaving Bren’s hometown advantage with no effect at all. The Vietnam squad effortlessly countered Bren’s aggressiveness in the last game leading to a win for Overclockers.

The performance of Taku’s Kadita was exceptional and well disciplined. Overclockers got the early kills giving them a huge advantage over the all-Pinoy team. Kadita ended up as the MVP.

Bren’s chosen draft in the clincher round had haunted them in the end, with a choice to include a healer in the lineup regarded questionable by some spectators.

Their performance for this tournament was also questioned by most spectators. Some are even suggesting that Bren should go back under Dogie’s wing.

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