The first MLBB World Champions is EVOS Legends

It seems like a routine for EVOS Legends and Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) to face each other. This time to earn the MLBB World Championship title. These two Mobile Legends teams have proven that they are the strongest in the world, bringing pride to their country’s name.

Game 1

In the early phase of Game 1, both teams started off by holding their ground nicely. EVOS was leading in terms of gold and kills but RRQ managed to catch up and earn more until the end of the game.

Granger played by Tuturuu is one of the most important role. He kept his opponents distracted and bought a lot of time for his teammates. Amazingly keeping up his performance and not even killed a single time in the 30 minutes battle. Once EVOS Legend’s team were all worn out, RRQ fought back and took the first game.

Game 2

In just three minutes, EVOS came on strong and made a huge gap with six kills while RRQ only got one kill. EVOS was leading from the beginning and they maintained it until the very last minute of the game. Wannn’s Chang’e was played a very important role in helping his team stay on top and tie the series.

Game 3

RRQ was eager enough to come back stronger. In the third game where they dominated from the early game, not giving a chance for EVOS Legends to breathe or fight back. They were able to read EVOS’ movements and used the Lord fight as bait and the MPL-ID champions fell right into it. The moment RRQ gained an advantage, they wiped out EVOS Legends, winning the third game resulting in 2-1.

Game 4

Momentum has given RRQ a real good advantage. They sought to avenge their MPL-ID grand final loss as they played more aggressively in Game 4 and had a 10,000 gold lead over EVOS Legends. RRQ’s objective was clear as they conquered the early game with turrets and gold.

Even with their odd drafting, they managed to pull the win off with Vynn’s Diggie being the key pick to make sure his team was safe from any sort of danger. EVOS Legends probably shouldn’t have given Harith to RRQ. With that Game 4 win, RRQ were just one step away from the championship title.

Game 5 & 6

However, the Legendary EVOS didn’t give in just yet. They took over the next two games with Oura’s X.Borg in charge of split-pushing and making sure RRQ’s Masha couldn’t play his style. Through hard work and sheer determination, EVOS Legends clawed their way back into the series with two dominant performances.

Game 7

One last game for this series and this final game will decide who will be the first Mobile Legends World Champion. EVOS stuck to its strengths and hit RRQ hard and fast with an aggressive early game.

The classic Lunox-Kaja combo of Wannn and Donkey, EVOS beamed toward a massacre just seven minutes into the game. By then they already had a stunning 9-0 turret and 12-3 kill advantage over RRQ

EVOS caught RRQ astonished, with their main aggressive threat TUTURUU (Gusion) neutralized in team fights.

In just eight minutes and with momentum firmly on their side, EVOS steamrolled their way through to a dominating win — the shortest fight in the series, but certainly the biggest.

EVOS Legends has become the first-ever champion of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship, rising from a 1-3 series deficit to deliver a masterful game seven performance. They bring home USD 80,000 while Oura was the MVP of the tournament.

The next MLBB World Championship which will commence in 2020 will be held in Jakarta.

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