TNC is your MDL Chengdu Champions!

The hottest team and very first Southeast Asian team to win a DOTA 2 Majors this season is TNC. MDL Chengdu Major Champions!

The Chinese crowd was shocked as TNC Predator made a majestic display of skill crowd during the MDL Chengdu Major grand finals. Defeating the favored home team Vici Gaming 3-1. The southeast Asian team has secured their first-ever DPC Major win and took home US$300,000.00 (Php 15,600,000) and 4,850 Dota Pro Circut (DPC) points.

Winning the MDL Chengdu Major is a first for any Southeast Asian team and this win has virtually put TNC Predator to becoming the top DOTA 2 team in the world also securing a spot for the TI 10.

Vici Gaming looked poised to take the entire tournament after destroying teams during their upper bracket run that lead them to the grand finals. But, TNC’s team captain Park “March” Tae-won made the proper adjustments to make sure his team was more prepared against the Chinese home team.

Another back to back win belongs to Kim “Gabbi” Vilaffuerte. He won MDL Chengdu Major’s Most Valuable Player Award after his amazing Morphling performance that won his team the tournament.

Meanwhile, Vici Gaming finished with a respectable second-place finish at the Major. They earned US$160,000 and 3,000 DPC points.

On the side news. Dota 2’s new update, Outlanders, will be released in the next few days. This also means Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi’s new organization will be announced soon as well.

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