Cignal Ultra lost to TNC Predator due to Typhoon Tisoy

TNC Predator qualifies for the DL Season 13 Leipzig Major after Cignal Ultra was not able to reconnect on the deciding game.

The game was not what everyone expected. That was not good. But regardless, TNC Predator have just qualified for the 2nd Major of the season after Cignal Ultra disconnected from the game in the third match which is the deciding game. They ran out of pause time, allowing for TNC Predator to secure the win without any hassle.

TNC Predator’s lineup was on the advantage when it comes to networth and XP, however, Cignal Ultra had momentum on their side and looked increasingly likely to be able to claim victory before disaster struck. A win here would have clinched the team a spot at the Major.

On the other hand, Nando from Cignal Ultra took to Facebook to express his disappointment towards TNC citing that TNC predator did not consider cooperating. He also said that what happened was unfair to them.

Nando claiming that TNC should have waited for Cignal Ultra

Grabe na achievements nyo [TNC Predator]. tapos di manlang nakisama nagkaproblema lang naman internet namin. bat ganun sobrang easy major nung nangyari di ba namin deserve? 😭💔

Nando of Cignal Ultra

“You already had many achievements TNC Predator but you can’t cooperate with us. We just had a problem with the internet. Why is it like that? You had a really easy major. Are we not deserving?”

The MDL Chengdu Major Champions waited especially Armel. There was a 10-minute rule for pauses but for this game they have waited for over 25 minutes before resuming the game and took the throne without any opposition.

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