Chicoi Esports Cafe’s Let’s Play Lobby Lobby Lang is powered by

The Let’s Play Lobby Lobby Lang event hosted by Chicoi Esports Cafe (CEC) in Cavite started two weeks ago with the goal of helping develop the competitive skills and spirits of the local Dota 2 and League of Legends players.

With the newfound partnership between CEC and Epulze, everything has been amplified. Prizepool has been increased, program has been modified, support team is now bigger, the live stream is now better.

A total Prize Pool of P 54,000.00 is at stake for the winners of this 7-week long event.

The event happens every Saturday. Keep yourself updated by following CEC’s official Fan Page here.


Epulze offers automated lobby hosting, and automated match reporting using their online platform. This lets you focus on the game, while epulze do the admin. New community features will empower you with status and glory to complement your riches, so you get the best of both worlds.

About Chicoi Esports Cafe (CEC)

CEC or Chicoi Esports Cafe is a small esports venue situated in Cavite. It provides a home for gamers where they can play to their hearts content. They also create programs for the aspiring competitive amateurs in the area.

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