Geek Fam is out of ESL One LA Online

DJ’s Phoenix has carried out Fnatic to two fantastic wins against Geek Fam securing them a spot in the play offs of this tournament. Knocking out Kuku and his team from the ESL One LA Online – SEA Division.

Geek Fam was short handed and was not able to show the prowess they demonstrated in the SEA Qualifiers, throughout most of their matches in the Group Stages failing in all 3 of their matches against Team Adroit, BOOM Esports and finally Fnatic. These teams were quite simply a step ahead of them.

It was a disappointing finish for Geek Fam. The fact that the team was not playing from their bootcamp may have played a part in their poor performance.

A graceful DJ, with his phoenix, absolutely made the game like it’s a child’s play. He was able to score a 10/1/11 and a 500 GPM. Geek Fam simply had no answer for the damage that he was dealing in team fights in the mid-late game phase, allowing their opponents to claim the win in just 21 minutes.

Geek Fam tried to come back on their second game, but 23savage’s Faceless Void and DJ’s Phoenix were just too much for them to handle. They ended up conceding it in 31 minutes, allowing Fnatic to book a place in the playoffs.

Fnatic will now face the loser of the game between BOOM Esports vs Team Adroit in the Semifinal. This match will take place tomorrow at 12:00 PM SGT

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